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Whitney Designs Jewelry and Painting Studio
located in sunny, artsy Sarasota, Florida.

John and Linda Whitney along with the help of studio assistant 
Sonya and two Havanese art dogs, Violet and Havana, that
produce contemporary, sophisticated and elegant mixed-metal jewelry.

Since the early 1970's John and Linda have been using the traditional methods of metalsmithing to present their own interpretations of objects of adornment.  Whether it is a bold forged link necklace or an intricate pair of musician earrings, their work carries an integrity to the elements of design that the metals demand.  The techniques of forging, soldering, texturing, casting, welding, cold connection, corrugating, and fold forming are used to reveal the desired personality of each piece.

The metals of the studio are vast and include red brass, nickel silver, bronze, copper, fine silver and sterling silver.  The final pieces often include polymer clay, semi-precious stones, leather cords, and chains and become magical adornments that are treasured by their owners.

Linda and John are inspired by their cumulative life journeys and the artisans that have preceded them.  The work they produce can be found in fine craft galleries, shops, boutiques and museum shops throughout the United States.
     In 2018 we received the honor of being included into the permanent collection of         the Racine Art Museum.  
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